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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: Lunch & Learn: 2023 Legislative Session Recap
When: Tuesday, May 30, 2023, 12:01 PM until 1:00 PM

Name Type
Chelsea Alger Everyone
City of Bethel Everyone
Veronica Bistodeau Everyone
Jane Blank Everyone
Sarah Brunn Everyone
Tim Burkhardt Everyone
Pat Burt Everyone
Lori Cacka Everyone
Beth Carlson Everyone
Randall Carlson Everyone
City of Carlton Everyone
Laura Christensen Everyone
Lew Conner Everyone
Jake Dickson Everyone
Shelly Dillon Everyone
Laurie Elliott Everyone
Cathy Enerson Everyone
Joel Erickson Everyone
City of Erskine Everyone
Bobby Falcon Everyone
Julie Fandel Everyone
City of Fosston Everyone
Bobbi Freie Everyone
Tyler Gardner Everyone
Tara Greer Everyone
Caroline Gregerson Everyone
Ron Grobeck Everyone
Corrine Grotto Everyone
Corrine Grotto Everyone
Cheryl Hahn Everyone
Tammy Hansen Everyone
Michele Hanson Everyone
Amy Hardel Everyone
Daniel Haugh Everyone
Brian Heck Everyone
Janet Hegland Everyone
Janet Hegland Everyone
Gayle Heise Everyone
Sheila Hellermann Everyone
Deb Hengel Everyone
Teresa Hill Everyone
City of Hinckley Everyone
Jed Holewa Everyone
Brad Johnson Everyone
Carol Johnson Everyone
Lori Johnson Everyone
Natalie Johnson Everyone
Bill Kennedy Everyone
Mary Kennedy Everyone
Jenny Kern Everyone
Jacob Kolander Everyone
Rebecca Kurtz Everyone
Darin Latterell Everyone
Scott Lehner Everyone
Athanasia Lewis Everyone
City of Loretto Everyone
Aaron Luckstein Everyone
Belinda Ludwig Everyone
Sarah Manecke Everyone
Val Martin Everyone
Jenny Max Everyone
William (Bill) McCabe Everyone
Roy McIntyre Everyone
Ron Moorse Everyone
Shannon Mortenson Everyone
Kevin Norby Everyone
Kristina Norquist Everyone
Darci Odden Everyone
Trista Olander Everyone
City of Oronoco Everyone
Lynette Peterson Everyone
Miranda Pietila Everyone
Therese polum Everyone
Jane Popp Everyone
Jane Popp Everyone
Beth R Everyone
City of Ranier City Everyone
Shawn Reinke Everyone
Joe Roby Everyone
Kristen Rosenboom Everyone
Calvin Saari Everyone
Roger Schanus Everyone
Rebecca Schrupp Everyone
Mary Schultz Everyone
Michael Schultz Everyone
Annette Seivert Everyone
David Setterberg Everyone
Patty Smith Everyone
City of St. Clair Everyone
Melissa Stenson Everyone
Michelle Stevens Everyone
Patti Stokke Everyone
Janee Strunk Everyone
Corinne Suonvieri Everyone
Nancy Thorkelson Everyone
Dan Tienter Everyone
City of Vergas Everyone
Margaret Webb Everyone
Jim Weikum Everyone
Dawn Whitehead Everyone
Liz WIlle Everyone
Joshua Wilson Everyone
Michael Windey Everyone
Shane Wohlman Everyone
Sharon Zelazny Everyone
Michael Zenzen Everyone