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(cities with pop. over 5,000)

MN Small Cities (MAOSC) welcomes and invites any and all cities with populations over 5,000 to JOIN US as Supporting Members!

• We understand that sometimes, our small city members grow over the pop. 5,000 mark, but may still align with
the values and mission of the MAOSC. We value your continued participation and support!

• We recognize that cities with pop. over 5,000 can still be valuable partners to the MAOSC organization
and we welcome your participation and experience!

• We welcome cities over 5,000 pop. that wish to lend their support to our ever-growing organization; helping to promote small local communities. 
After all, our common goal is to ensure that Minnesota's small cities continue to be great places to live, work and play!


Thank you for considering joining MAOSC as a Supporting City Member. 


Please contact Executive Director, Cap O'Rourke with any questions you may have about becoming an MAOSC as a Supporting City Member:


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