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Cap O'Rourke

O'Rourke Strategic Consulting



Cap's career started while working on a number of political campaigns throughout the state of Minnesota and then transitioned to a staff position in the Minnesota Legislature. Being on the front lines of both state-wide and smaller municipal campaigns was a great experience and allowed Cap to understand what many elected officials consider when making decisions. With over a decade of legislative experience he worked first hand on a number of major legislative proposals including tax reform, stadiums, education reform and small business development projects.

Cap's entire career has been spent working as a legislative strategist, policy advocate and grassroots campaigner.  With every experience has gained a greater understanding of the complex political, financial and human pressures that affect how many of the public policy decisions are made.  With this experience, Cap's mission is to help organizations strengthen their position and have greater impact on policies they are invested in. As the founder of O’Rourke Strategic Consulting, Cap has been able to build a successful and diverse client base with a broad variety of issues.   

Using both his knowledge of the legislative process and contacts within the legislature Cap was able to successfully represent a broad range of clients during OSC’s inaugural (2014) legislative session.  Working on a number of high profile issues and some quieter more subtle topics I was able to achieve many successful outcomes for OSC's clients. In developing a strategic plan for each client that meets their goals - while also allowing for flexibility to adapt to changing political dynamics - we are able to maximize the tools available to gain the successful results in policy, finance and media.  

In his 15 years of working in the political field Cap has honed his understanding of the complexities of politically viable solutions to public policy concerns.  Cap very much enjoys trying to figure out what hurdles are probable and develop strategies to either reduce or eliminate these challenges.  Relying on his years of experience, understanding of the process, and his large network of contacts in the lobbying community and elected officials to give Cap the best insights into how to successfully work within the political arena in a manner that is most effective for OSC's clients.